V28 – The Parrot North Korean Numbers Station

V28 “The Parrot” is a numbers station operated by North Korea.  Though, it’s likely a military station or a training station and not used by North Korean intelligence.  V28 broadcasts daily at 2 different time slots, with some variation in frequency.  The announcements are read by a live operator.

It broadcasts twice a day at 09:00 and 21:00 UTC. The frequencies change randomly every time, but the most often used are the following ranges 3030 – 3080, 3505, 4480 – 4500, and 5230 – 5280 kHz – Rakdoosan

Message Recording

Historical Schedule

V28 has always transmitted on 2 different time slots.  Around 2014-2015 it transmitted at 22:30 and 11:30 UTC.  At 22:30 UTC it will usually broadcast within the frequency range of about 4494 to 5168 Hz.  The other time slot was at 11:30 UTC and broadcasts between the frequencies 2900 to 3100 Hz.  The broadcasts times usually have some variation and can be a few minutes off.

Numbers Station Summary

Nickname: The Parrot
Activity: Active
Emission mode: USB
Voice Summary: Male and female live announcer in Korean
Country of Origin: North Korea, Possibly Related to V15 – Radio Pyongyang (If V28 is indeed used by North Korean Intel)


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Recorded Example by HLKA FM