V05 – Spanish Counting CIA Numbers Station

V05, Spanish Counting was the Spanish language counterpart to E05.  V05 was part of the CIA number stations network, and ran a very strict schedule until its retirement.  It followed the same format, and used the same automated voice.  V05 was last heard in February of 2001.

Message Recording

Station Format

123 1234567890 1000 Hz tone Grupo 135,
Grupo 135
6117 2489
9961 2529 …
Repito Grupo 135,
Grupo 135
6117 2489
9961 2529 …
3-digit ID
3x (###)
Repeats 10x Group Count
2, 3, or 4-digit single groups “Repeat” Group count
Message repeats.  2, 3, or 4-digit single groups Outro
Repeats for up
to 10 minutes

Numbers Station Summary

Nickname: Spanish Counting
Emission mode:
AM, USB, USB + Carrier
Voice Summary:
Automated woman’s voice. Spanish speaking version of E05.
Believed Country of Origin:
Family Relatives: E05, G05, E14, E21, V14
Station Family:
Family 2 “CIA/NSA”


V05a was the variant ID used when the station sent 4 digit message groups.


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