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UseNet ENIGMA Number Stations Posts

A lot of posts were made by the original ENIGMA group and other numbers researchers online through a UseNet group. Many of these posts are from 1993 and some are even from the original founders of ENIGMA, and also contain announcements of them releasing their newsletters and also the beginning of the group. The Conet Project’s release can also be found in these messages. A few users actually attempt to decipher messages, although we don’t know which station the message is from it still has some interesting observations.

ENIGMA – Numbers Stations Group 7/19/93 – Beginning of ENIGMA

Numbers Stations Info: ENIGMA Newsletter Issue 3 9/29/93 – Newsletters Release

++Numbers Stations++ 3/22/95 – Conet Project creating by Iridial Discs

More to be released

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