Stasi Sprach Machine Numbers Station Generator

The German Stasi Sprach machine was used to send coded messages through numbers stations by automated voice, or Morse code.  It was used primarily by East Germany (DDR), Russia, and Cuba.

The language and specific voice can be changed by swapping out the circuit board with the EEPROMS on it through the back of it.  There are also settings on the machine that can be used to adjust the pitch of the voice and the speed.  The Sprach machine is also capable of using One Time Tape, which feeds through the machine to program numbers into it.  The sequence of numbers on the tape is programmed ahead of time before they are sent to the agent.

This is rare equipment to come by, luckily there are collectors who intend to preserve them.  The video series “Numbers Stations Revealed” by Peter Staal shows the machine reading numbers, and also uses different languages and voice settings.  The machine(s) from the videos belong to a German Collector.

All of the stations that used it are now inactive, although G06 still uses the same voice, here are their ID’s and variants:
V02 (Spanish Circuit), G02, G02a, G03, G04, G06, G06a, G07, G07a, G08, G08a, G08b, G21

G09 and G17 possibly used the machine as well, although this cannot be confirmed since no recordings of them exist.