G06 – The German Lady Numbers Station

G06 was the final German language numbers station that was active.  Most of it’s schedules went inactive near the end of 2019, with the final one ceasing operations in March of 2021.  The voice was generated using the Stasi Sprach Morse Machine with the speed adjusted 1 notch slower than default.  It used the military radio variant of German for 2 and 5.

Like E06, this station also transmitted repeated fake messages for the purposes of training, confusing operatives, etc. These fake messages are reused for long amounts of time, up to a year and later.  G06 was run on a PC using Windows XP, made evident by OS sounds such as the powering down signals.

Though it’s last active schedules that sent messages until March 2021 went inactive, G06 still sent test transmissions.  The final test message was heard on December 5th, 2021.

Message Sample

Note the 1988 recording of a possible early variant of G06 received on 6.455 mHz by Graf Baltar. Notice the ending with “Ende”, not “000” as common day G06. It may be possible that an early G06 variant was used by East German STASI, and after its demise was adapted by Russian GRU.

Station Structure

709 298 298 112 112 67783 67783
01827 01827 …
298 298 112 112 00000
3-digit ID 3-digit
2nd ID (2x)
Group count
5-digit paired groups 3-digit
2nd ID (2x)
Group count
4 minutes

Null Structure

143 143 143 00000
3-digit ID (3x)
Repeats 4 minutes


G06a is a G06 transmission that sends an additional message.  After the usual preamble of G06, the ID is repeated for a minute, and then the message. Ends with 00000.  Emitted in AM or possibly USB.


Numbers Station Summary

Nickname: The German Lady

Activity: Active
Emission Mode: USB + Carrier
Voice Summary: Female voice circuit played on Stasi Sprach/Morse Maschine with the speed adjusted 1 notch slower than default. Has the signature distinct hard R in ‘drei’ that is very noticeable at its speed setting.
Location: Smolensk, Russia
Family Relatives: E06, E17, E20, S06, V06, M14, M24, S25
Station Family: Family 1 Subfamily A “KGB/FSB/GRU” [The 00000 Family


Priyom G06 Profile