V16 – Chinese Numbers Station

V16 is a Chinese numbers station that’s closely related to V22 and V26.  Upon further observation, it’s possible these three could all actually be the same station but with different messages.  The Chinese voice and message format are very similar.  It’s also possible they could be a military station.  This is based on the long intro phrases and lack of usual numbers stations elements.  Transmissions were sent for a maximum of 5 minutes.

The station could be observed on the 3, 4, 6, and 8 MHz bands in Austrailia.  It was also heard on 13680Khz from Cambodia once in 1998.  The station was last spotted in November 2012.

Message Recording

Message Format

Some parts of the format are still trying to be identified.  It’s spoken fast so the phrases/numbers after the 3 digit station ID get confused often.  The station is nicknamed “Oh Sie” because that’s what ENIGMA 2000 thought, however this is not the case.

A Chinese speaker translated this part for the Numbers & Oddities Issue #182.  It turned out to be one of three meanings, ‘bu shi’ (‘not’), ‘pu shi’ (‘not’), very likely not, or ‘wu shi’ (= 54).  Another translation claims it’s meaning is “All is good.”  Another claim was that instead of “This is ### (ID)”, the phrase “‘kuai dian fa bu diao” (Does not come through/over) is spoken.

316 316 316 “This is” 728 “All is good” “Goodbye”
Recipient ID
Station ID
“Zai Jian”
Repeated 3x Repeated 2x Repeated 2x
Repeated for up to 5 minutes

Numbers Station Summary

Nickname: Oh Sie
Emission mode:
Voice Summary:
Fast speaking female ending everything with “oh sie oh sie”
Believed Country of Origin:


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