V26 – TXSA/XSE23 Chinese Military Station

V26 is a station that was likely operated by Chinese military and not a numbers station. The intro is in English, but the rest of the message is in Chinese.  V26 sent messages in 3 figure groups as well.  Emitted in AM, USB, or LSB mode.

The ENIGMA ID V27, named 35G existed for a short time, but it was withdrawn due to speculation they were the same station.  However they were never fully confirmed to be the same.

V26 Message Recording

V27 (Actual V26 Variant) Message Recording

Station Summary

Nickname: TXSA/XSE23
Activity: Active
Emission mode: AM, USB, or LSB
Voice Summary: Automated woman speaking in a mix of English and Chinese
Believed Country of Origin: China


ENIGMA Active Stations List V1.3, Page 4
Numbers & Oddities “V27” Recording