Russian Strategic Radio Stations Network

There are a large variety of Russian strategic voice net frequencies on the shortwave. These stations send messages in number and monolith format.
Some of the frequencies have special markers to keep the frequency in constant use, others don’t.
Here is a usual message example in Russian numbers and phonetics:
СЕКРЕТ-39 37649 ЦИКАДА 35219675 (SEKRET-39 37649 CIKADA 35219675)

Russian Strategic Radio Stations – Frequencies in kHz

4224 / 3218.50: Callsign Katok-65 

5448 / 3756 Rostov na Donu: 72th communications center or Southern District communications center. Callsign 8S1Ch Known as Pip

5473 / 3828 Possibly Rostov na Donu: 72th communications center or Southern District comunications cemter. Callsign  Alfa-45 Known as The Squeaky Wheel

3950 / 4960: Novorossiysk communications hub

4325.9: Central Military District command center Ekaterinburg. CW Marker. Callsign Plovets-41

4410: Callsigns Kalibr 16 and Duplet 16

4462: Callsign Torez 91

4476: Callsign Vetka 31

4524: Callsign Sosna-2

4590: Callsign WEGI. Messages on CW. Sends morse code message 5 to 10 minutes before message on The Buzzer.

4621: Callsign WEGI. Messages in CW. Same as above

4625 / 6998 / 9250: Western Military District command center, Naro-Fominsk near Moscow and Kerro near St. Peterburg. Callsigns ANVF, 2170, VZhCh, A1JZH, LNR4 also known as The Buzzer

4804: Goretz-81

5095: Callsign MDV. Messages in CW.

5182: Orel. 336th Russian Radio technical regiment. Callsign Bereza-2 With sound marker.

5292: Possibly 6th joint army staff, at Sudak communication hub, Agalatovo. Callsign Fazan-37 Sound Marker present.

5959: First heard on January 17th 2019, presumed to be an unidentified military station.  Two messages were logged, one on the date discovered and another on the next day. A message from this station has not been heard since and no call signs were used.  We have compiled an ‘Unidentified Russian Numbers Broadcast’ profile on all of the information we gathered about it.